Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dresses that still reside in the ether.

Every artist understands the feeling when you're just about
asleep and an idea comes careening in out of nowhere.  In order not to forget by morning, you sketch it down as quickly as possible.

These are a few of those dream scape wanderers.

This one is called Angelica.  I planned on making it so that the train detaches for after the ceremony. I wanted it clean, elegant and showing off a beautiful back.  I really imagined it on a girl who was very beautiful and wanted a dress to wear, not a dress that would wear her.

Meet Elexis.  I'm not shy of beading, embroidery, and lace. On the right dress, for the right girl it's great. I find I enjoy making the design of the dress say something all by itself.  Just like it takes a bold girl to wear a dress that is not traditional. It was designed to be made of alternating satins in chevrons.

Introducing Katey.  This is a truly unique dress.  Sweet. Like summer afternoons, lemonade and porch swings. Or maybe it just makes me think of the South in general.
The under skirt is to be out of lifted organdy.  The butterfly wings will be beaded and sequined in their entirety. Maybe a pink or soft green sash at the waist.  I've thought it would be fun to make it tea length as well. Perhaps with the organdy puffed and peaking out from under the bottom.

This is Pi'lar.  I love bustled backs.  They have a very romantic look to them.  I placed it with a modern looking top and skirt to balance out the time warp.  I've thought it may be fun for the more adventuresome bride to make the bodice of boned lace with opaque cups.  So, how about it, are you the daring type?

The last one that has made it to a sketch is Vivian.  I wanted to make a dress that would be comfortable to wear, look classy and still have a feature that was unique to itself.  I designed the lace to pull back for the detachable train.

I like trains. But I love to dance.  So I tend to favor train alternatives or detachable trains.

There are still other dresses that live as wispy thoughts on the edge of my dreams. When I trap them on paper I'll put them up to be seen. Like butterflies in picture frames.

If you like my work, please leave comments, and feel free
to contact me.  I would love to make something unique
for your wedding day.

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Special Thanks to Zack for turning my weird scribblings into viewable sketches.  Your patience is appreciated.

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