Wednesday, November 10, 2010

She is a nymph from Greek mythology who kept Odysseus as prisoner on an island.  Nice curves, a little sparkle, and a sweet  sachet.  I wonder if that's all it took for Calypso to keep him there.  How do you plan to captivate your groom on your wedding day?

Thinking just that is what lead me to build this dress.  Body hugging curves, some shiny beading and an eye catching silhouette is what I came up with.  Granted the hugging part was better before my girl lost ten pounds.  Yey! After all it was ten pounds.

Now when I picture a nymph that lives on an island I also think mermaid.

So I gave it an impressive train that is the length of the dress itself.

I saw this a few days ago and thought it would be fitting for a mythical bride of the sea. Complete with sparkle.

While this tiara is not one of mine, I also make all of my accessories.  Maybe I could make something similar for you.

candle, flute, rings, comb, garland, place cards, boutonnieres

As a mermaid or stranded islander you'd probably send your invites via glass bottle and make all your wedding items from things you could find there along the beach.

If you like my work, please leave comments, and feel free to contact me. I would love to make something unique for your wedding day.

Please see my shop at  for information on payment, shipping and creation time frames.

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  1. Thank you so much for including our bottle and tealight holder on your blog, Lannette! Cheryl and I really appreciate it and are honoured.