Thursday, November 11, 2010


Photos courtesy of Ken Cox Photography.
This is one of my custom made dresses.  It is modeled
 after an image of Gene Harlow, well, Gwen Stefani, in Aviator.  Even the bouquet came from that image.

I don't get many brides like her.  Dena came to me with the picture of a dress she tried on. She liked the way it fit, but there were things about it that she just didn't like. During our discussion she brought up that the wedding would be formal and in an old Hollywood style.

Of course old Hollywood is one my favorite subjects. The dresses were to die for, the women were stunning and their accessories were priceless.  Not to mention the dramatic acting.  In case you couldn't see, I faux  swooned.

To make a long story short.  We took the image of the dress she liked and started mixing in other details that caught her fancy as well. And...voila!

In the folds of the drape that crosses over the hip and spills into the train are little clusters of swarovski
crystals and glass beads. Up close it looks like frost
collected in those little crannies.

In preparing to have pre-wedding photos taken of the dress, I asked if she would mind wearing the jewelery and headpiece I had made to go with it.  As I introduced each piece she requested to where them for her wedding instead.

The earrings are swarovski chandelier drops, big and dramatic like the ladies used to wear on the big screen.

And I topped it all off with a feather headpiece in a wire birdcage veil style.  Being such a modern girl, I simply couldn't put Russian veiling on her.

To tie everything together I used the little comb in her hair and the clasp at the back of the back of the neck to design the applique that went on the back of her dress.

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Thank you Dena you are awesome.

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