Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My 50's Rockabilly Inspired Design

I'm crazy about the 40's and 50's. The fashions for women were both sexy and stylish, proven by the fact the they are still loved and sought after today.  I have been wanting to have a line of vintage inspired dresses for a long time. I would watch all the old movies studying the dresses and scribbling ideas in my notebook. I wanted the first dress I introduced to show the sheer enthusiasm for life that went with the era that grew up on fast cars, rock n roll, and swing dancing. At the same time it needed to be classy so that librarian types with a hidden rebel in them could still feel comfortable while letting their hair down. Introducing Roxy.

A classic, strapless, tea length dress. Break out the Vinyls, dancing will not be a problem with it's super full skirt and red polka dotted petticoat. Little red satin buttons down the back hide the zippered opening and the whole thing is finished off with a big red bow.

This dress screams, "I'm young and ready for FUN!"

Here's my inspiration board for this design.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Victorian Ensemble

Like with all my creations I got to imagining what my bride would choose to wear as accessories on her big day. 
I found these amber and pearl earrings by LittleWhiteChapel that I thought were subtle with just a spark of excitement. This charming necklace by UmbrellaLaboratory is sure to keep you punctual. The red color and intricate design make it a perfect fit with a Victorian themed bride. ArtsyButterfly makes this lovely fabric and lace bouquet that will not wilt and makes a great heirloom after the wedding. This hand crocheted garter by MoesCrochet makes a perfect toss garter that has a great vintage look to it. PoshBridalCouture's rolled rose garter is sure to make his day. The pleated fan perfectly mirrors the bolero collar. Just lovely! And check out those spats. How adorable are they? These little cuties  slip on over your pumps wisking you away to a bygone era. To top it all off, I found this rolled rose headband by BeSomethingNew. It finishes the look off nicely don't you think? 

Carlena Designs
Once I got to looking I found so many great wedding items that fit the wedding theme. Like these sparrow earrings. They would make lovely bridesmaid's gifts. 


These working compass cufflinks are fitting for the groom. A great way to hint that he can't lose his way. 

Secret Safe Books
I love this hollow book for the ring bearer's duties. It's made out of a copy of  I LOVE YOU BECAUSE by Beverly Clark. And it's small for tiny hands. 
Crafty Pagan
Crafty Pagan
Then there are the paper goods. There are so many talented artists out there that it was difficult to limit myself to one selection. I can't get enough of the hot air balloon table numbers by CraftyPagan.  Then there are their EAT ME and DRINK ME tags. I can see them tied to wine bottles and tucked under these mini chocolate bar wrappers by ElizabethAO. They are ready to go on the chocolates of your choice, complete with the bride and groom's names and wedding date.
Queen of Cups
TheQueenofCups makes these little gift tags that would work as escort cards, place cards or any card need you may have. She even has one with a blue bird on them. 
I did say I was having a difficult time choosing just one didn't I? 

I found this beautiful card/money box by LaceyClaireDesigns. How fitting to have a hatbox when the Victorian era was all about the beautiful hats that the ladies would wear.    

Monday, April 18, 2011

Rockabilly brides

Veil, earrings, lollipop bouquet

Save-the-Date, Invitations, Pompoms, Banner, Favors
Bow tie, Bowling Pins, Swallow Pin

Paper Straws, Popcorn Bags

I have plans for a new design and it comes straight out of the 50's. This is my inspiration board for it. Can't wait to show it off.  Check back for updates!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Lisa's Lemon Meringue

Lisa came to me and said she wanted a casual/dressy look for her dress. I see this dress and I can't decide if it makes me want a country picnic, or a classy sea-side soiree.    

Why not both?
In my mind's eye I see a beautiful sunny day with the tiniest of breezes whispering by occasionally.  You get to the sand and there is an adorable hand-painted sign showing you the way to the ceremony.  As you draw closer you notice the rows of white chairs placed on either side of the isle and a tin bucket filled with green, rice paper Parasols  just off to the side.  There is a small tag hanging from each one asking you to take one for your comfort during the ceremony. With your charming little parasol you head down the isle to find your seats. Each isle end is decorated with large colorful Pinwheels with ribbons. Rotating slowly.

Before long all the seats are filled and the groom has taken his place in front. There is an eager anticipation that hums in the crowd then slowly settles down. With everyone quiet, the sound of the ocean fills your ears and the bride begins her walk with a small bouquet of Daffodils. Ahead of her are two little girls in white eyelet sundresses holding hands and  carrying Pinwheels of their own.
As soon as the ceremony is over the bride and groom offer refreshments and a picnic style lunch just off to the side. There is an adorable little Lemonade stand complete with pennants and little girls, and a classic truck offering a tailgate buffet. The wooden picnic tables are set with checkered tablecloths, eyelet place cards and pots of blooming Daffodils.

Lemon cake
Recipe card

That's my daydream anyway. I can't wait to see pictures of the real deal. I'll post them for everyone to see just as soon as I have them.