Thursday, May 8, 2014

Danielle & Dale

Congratulations, Danielle and Dale!!!! 
Their wedding is so gorgeous I'll just shut up and let you enjoy the pictures.

 Yes, I had to throw in the classic muscle cars, I'm a HUGE fan! Especially, the SS.

"Design by Lannette was everything I was looking for and more. I was so stressed and let down by the lack of affordable wedding gowns out there (and I didn't even like any of them) that finding Design by Lannette on Etsy was a godsend.I was always finding dresses where I only liked the bottom or the top of it and not the whole dress. Then one day whilst scrolling on Etsy I saw it. The perfect back of the dress I've been dreaming of. I checked the price, oh my god this could become reality. I started a conversation with Lannette that soon become over 50 messages long over the course of our relationship. There were a few things I wanted to change from the photos available to look at but I didn't quite know how to word them. Not a problem for Lannette - Attach pictures to give me the general idea and I will work from that Lannette said. A few touch ups here and there then the design sketch was sent through. It was perfect and I was getting nervously excited.Measuring was the next nervous step. Thanks to very detailed instructions from Lannette's website I had my fiancée measure me 4 times to make sure we got the same number over and over again! I received my dress and all the nervous waiting was for nothing. It fit like an absolute glove, the material fell perfectly and never had my butt looked so good! I can not recommend Design by Lannette enough. The materials are top quality, you can tell from the feel and the look of them, they do not look cheap. It is a beautiful feeling wearing something that has been made for you. Just you, your body shape and your personality. Unbelievable. I also had a matching hairpiece made on a comb that was exquisitely beaded to match my gown and was the perfect compromise between mine not wanting to wear a veil and my mother's insistence that I do. I could not have asked for more and I thank Lannette from the bottom of my heart and from across the ocean!" ~ Danielle (Australia)

A huge THANK YOU to Danielle Thomas Photography!

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