Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My 50's Rockabilly Inspired Design

I'm crazy about the 40's and 50's. The fashions for women were both sexy and stylish, proven by the fact the they are still loved and sought after today.  I have been wanting to have a line of vintage inspired dresses for a long time. I would watch all the old movies studying the dresses and scribbling ideas in my notebook. I wanted the first dress I introduced to show the sheer enthusiasm for life that went with the era that grew up on fast cars, rock n roll, and swing dancing. At the same time it needed to be classy so that librarian types with a hidden rebel in them could still feel comfortable while letting their hair down. Introducing Roxy.

A classic, strapless, tea length dress. Break out the Vinyls, dancing will not be a problem with it's super full skirt and red polka dotted petticoat. Little red satin buttons down the back hide the zippered opening and the whole thing is finished off with a big red bow.

This dress screams, "I'm young and ready for FUN!"

Here's my inspiration board for this design.

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