Monday, January 31, 2011

Lisa's Lemon Meringue

Lisa came to me and said she wanted a casual/dressy look for her dress. I see this dress and I can't decide if it makes me want a country picnic, or a classy sea-side soiree.    

Why not both?
In my mind's eye I see a beautiful sunny day with the tiniest of breezes whispering by occasionally.  You get to the sand and there is an adorable hand-painted sign showing you the way to the ceremony.  As you draw closer you notice the rows of white chairs placed on either side of the isle and a tin bucket filled with green, rice paper Parasols  just off to the side.  There is a small tag hanging from each one asking you to take one for your comfort during the ceremony. With your charming little parasol you head down the isle to find your seats. Each isle end is decorated with large colorful Pinwheels with ribbons. Rotating slowly.

Before long all the seats are filled and the groom has taken his place in front. There is an eager anticipation that hums in the crowd then slowly settles down. With everyone quiet, the sound of the ocean fills your ears and the bride begins her walk with a small bouquet of Daffodils. Ahead of her are two little girls in white eyelet sundresses holding hands and  carrying Pinwheels of their own.
As soon as the ceremony is over the bride and groom offer refreshments and a picnic style lunch just off to the side. There is an adorable little Lemonade stand complete with pennants and little girls, and a classic truck offering a tailgate buffet. The wooden picnic tables are set with checkered tablecloths, eyelet place cards and pots of blooming Daffodils.

Lemon cake
Recipe card

That's my daydream anyway. I can't wait to see pictures of the real deal. I'll post them for everyone to see just as soon as I have them.


  1. Can't wait to see the real thing because it sounds absolutely fab!

  2. Well- being the reciepient of the beautiful gown is such an honor!! I absolutely adore it. As does everyone else that has seen it so far!! They just can't BELIEVE you designed and made this dress for me without us ever having met! It's a gorgeous fit, and thanks to your meticulous attention to detail, just a delight in the way it looks on!! I will certainly send you pictures of the 'real thing' once I have them! THANK YOU LANNETTE- for your talent, your patience, your creativity, your fine eye for detail and for being such a pleasure to work with! You are a bride's dream come true!